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Home Appraisals. 1004 urar single family The most often used appraisal report for a single-family residential property, this report covers an appraisal of a one-unit property or a one-unit property with an accessory unit, including a unit in a planned unit development (pud).

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The $199 Drive-By Appraisal is good for those clients who need a ballpark value range in a hurry and are interested in a low fee and want a more in-depth report than the basic Desktop Appraisal, but do not require the Full Appraisal or Complete Appraisal. This appraisal is usually completed in 24 Hrs.

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A mortgage lender can get a general idea of a property by conducting a drive-by appraisal. This involves merely driving by a house and assessing its value from the street. However, these appraisals can be flawed, since they give no clue as to the condition inside the home, making them risky.

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Limited Scope Appraisal. A limited scope appraisal is a less expensive option than a full appraisal. In fact, a number of banks only use limited appraisals on home equity loans, in many cases covering the cost for the borrower. These are exterior-only appraisals, or drive-bys.

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An appraisal allows lenders to "see" your home and determine whether its value and condition meet heloc underwriting guidelines. Lenders may ask for a full appraisal by a certified or licensed appraisal company, a drive-by appraisal or a computerized appraisal method known as an automated valuation model, or AVM.

Without using an appraisal, the lender cannot determine how much equity you have in the home. Restricting the loan amount enables the VA to get away with this method. Click to See the Latest Mortgage Rates What the VA Does Need. So you know what you don’t need – an appraisal, income documents, or a credit score. So, what do you need for.

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