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Reverse Mortgage Horror Stories for Halloween. – Another horror story that happens with reverse mortgages is when a younger spouse is convinced to go "off title" to the property, signing a deed to the property over to their spouse (usually older) who can then qualify for more money on the reverse.

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Jack Guttentag, “The Mortgage Professor,” is professor emeritus of finance. I have heard about a number of such cases from borrowers, some of them real horror stories. Yet such events are rare and.

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Reverse mortgages are often targeted at senior citizens who have tight budgets, fixed incomes, and a majority of their house paid off. Reverse mortgages may seem like they could be a helpful cash-flow option for people in their retirement, but really, these mortgages put seniors and their heirs at financial risk.

Anything that sounds easy comes with risks. And one risk of using a reverse mortgage to pay for retirement, albeit a rare risk, is foreclosure.

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Along with new hurdles introduced to the reverse mortgage business in 2018 – like a potentially difficult rule concerning second appraisals and.

The list of disadvantages and horror stories goes on and on. IN MY OPINION: It is unconscionable for our local media and government to assist in propagating the reverse mortgage. aarp should be ashamed of its organization for allowing such mistreatment of the elderly to occur.

Karen’s experience is the kind of horror story that has long led some consumer advocates and financial planners to consider reverse mortgages too risky, a loan of last resort.

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Reverse Mortgage Nightmares Should Never Happen – Top 10. – The lesson that should be learned from reading the horror story above isn’t so much about reverse mortgages, it’s more that no one should ever do business with con artists and criminals..

Reverse Mortgages Are Beginning to Gain Acceptance – TheStreet – "With the US government stepping in with FHA insurance on these financial instruments, reverse mortgages have become a lot safer and more predictable compared to the days of the horror stories.

"With the US government stepping in with FHA insurance on these financial instruments, reverse mortgages have become a lot safer and more predictable compared to the days of the horror stories that.

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