How Much Does It Cost To Tie Down A Manufactured Home

Building officials recommend that mobile home owners check their tie-downs — the system of steel straps and anchors designed to keep the home firmly in place — at least once a year.

Services and Pricing FHA/VA/HUD retrofit manufactured home foundation Services. Our inspectors and retrofit crews provide the inspections and foundations for retrofit tie-downs to the FHA/VA/HUD and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDCHA) newest standards.

To be tied down safely, find out from your local manufactured home association or building inspector how many tie-downs and anchors you need for your wind and soil conditions. The cost of installing additional tie-downs and anchors is small compared to the potential cost of wind damage to a manufactured home that was not properly tied down.

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In addition, the wind passing over the top of your manufactured home can create an uplift force. To resist wind forces, you need two different types of tie-downs. In older homes, a vertical or over-the-top tie-down is needed to compensate for the uplift force. A diagonal or frame tie-down is needed to compensate for both lateral and uplift forces.

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Set-Up. Set-up costs range from $1,500 to $4,500, depending on how much of the work you do yourself If the mobile home is placed in a mobile home park, set-up includes removing door and window coverings, installing leveling blocks and tie-downs, leveling the home and connecting all utilities.