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I am new on this home front of free & clear homes, which just scream "seller financing me!". As a "flipper" cash flow is never enough, so to expand the rental portfolio while not impeding the flip cash is to good to pass by. Not to mention I am quite literally having these dumped in my lap lately. Searching for the "innovative" solutions.

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Analyzing data through the third quarter of 2012, Zillow found that 20.6 million homeowners nationwide own their homes free and clear of mortgage debt. A number of elements influence the percentage of.

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VA Loan Guidelines: Cash Out Refi and Home Buying. by Jack in Scottsdale, AZ and by Casey in Shreveport, LA Ask Kate about military VA loan guidelines for cash out refinance and home buying: The process of getting a veteran’s home loan has improved significantly over the years. Even so, you’ll still find a couple of quirks when comparing VA loan guidelines to conventional and FHA financing.

refinancing mortgage loan rates Mortgage Applications Fell for a Fourth Week Despite Drop in Rates – which typically lag the movement of conventional loans.” The refinance share of mortgage activity decreased to 38.8% of total applications, down from 39.4% the previous week. The adjustable-rate.

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In addition, you now have the opportunity to capture the customer who calls in to see if you can beat their rate! Or even to see if they can afford a home! When your company can offer the opportunity for people to pay off a home in as little as 8 to 12 years, imagine what that can do to your bottom line!