Copy 6 Of Dd214

The most important copy of the DD 214 for the individual is the "Member 4" copy. It is the standard form needed to obtain benefits such as GI Bill or government employment priority. The "Service 2" copy contains information as to the nature and type of discharge, and the re-enlistment code.

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Acceptable proof of military service; DD214 ; Obtain a copy of DD-214 ; Toll Free Numbers for Contacting VA ; Can I obtain historical military records from VA?

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If you do not currently have a copy of your Certificate of Release or Discharge (DD Form 214) now is the time to obtain it before you need it. ma-va 90 Records Request Form. A DD Form 215 is used to correct errors or additions to a DD Form 214 discovered after the original had been delivered and/or distribution had been made.

Stamp duty is chargeable as per Article 6 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act. If the filing fee has to be paid through DD, then it should be in favor of the respective sub-registrar’s office and payable.

copy 6 of the dd214. block 21. signature of member. block 22. typed name, grade, title, and signature of official authorized to sign. block 23. type of separation. block 24. character ofservice. block 25. separation authority. block 26. separation code. block 27. reentry code. block 28. narrative reason for separation.

A DD214 is proof of your military service. Use your DD214 to access military benefit programs such VA home loans, veteran affairs health care and the GI bill.

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DD-214, DD-215, 201 File . and Medical File Replacement. Click on the links above to order Certificates. Below is the link for your Free DD214/215 . this takes you to the National Records Center. This is a Free Service Provided by the US Government .

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Service Discharges; DD Form 214 Explained. This sixth type of discharge is called an Entry Level Discharge. An ELD is given to Soldiers within the first 180 days of an initial enlistment, and is given for any number of reasons. failure to conform, participate, mental health issues, physical issues, or others.